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With our union, we have an organization just for non-exempt staff that represents our interests which can collaborate with PCC to build the college.  Our union can make sure we donít get left behind.  We donít just want a voice in decisions about our jobs.  We want the power to make a difference.

AFSCME is the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the largest public service union in the country. Over 100,000 college and university staff around the country are also a part of AFSCME.   


Our union is a democratic organization run by and for PCC staff.  We elected a bargaining team and negotiated a legally-binding contract. It covers wages, benefits and working conditions and such matters as evaluations, promotions, classifications, special pay, hours, comp time and tuition benefits.  We're also working with campus and community groups and with politicians to support funding and advancement at PCC.


What about dues and initiation fees?
There are no initiation fees.  Dues are $15 per pay period.  Dues support our organization so we can represent our interests at PCC and statewide. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions 

I heard that a union will keep us from working cooperatively with our supervisors and department heads.  Is that true?
No, we formed our union to help find more ways to solve problems and improve our workplace, not less.  Having a union gives us a collective voice at the highest levels of the administration in addition to the regular day-to-day relationship within our departments.  An important part of the meet & confer process is creating an on-going relationship with the administration to solve problems through labor-management meetings, and on other issues such as re-organization, efficiency, student services.

Can the union make us go on strike?
No, strikes are unlawful for public employees in Arizona.  Instead, we use member activism, workplace actions, community and political support to present our views to the administration. 

Can I get fired for supporting our union?
No, under state law it is illegal for PCC to fire, discriminate or retaliate against you for organizing or supporting our union.

Can I talk about the union at work?
Yes.  You can talk about the union at any time and in any place where you are permitted to talk about other non-work activities. Union activities (meetings, distribution of literature, etc.) must be planned during non-work hours. Under the law, PCC must treat union activity the same as any other non-work activity and you cannot be discriminated against for talking about the union or participating in a union activity.



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